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I will kindly explain to you what happen yesterday based on what my friends have said: Eunhyuk came last yesterday, everyone were wondering whether he is going to come or not, but he finally came. He was in a really good mood. A gag lady or smthn started singing IU’s song but change the lyric into ‘Eunhyuk’ 5. Eunhyuk responded with a force smile and laugh. KHD keep on saying how ‘a real man’ Eunhyuk is 7. Eunhyuk, guests and viewers didn’t expect that the topic will be brought up 8.

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Heechul, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Yesung. Shindong, Siwon, Leeteuk, Ryeowook Advertisement: The twelve-member group debuted with the song “Twins”, and later promoted the song “Miracle” which was part of the same album.

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Exercising, Music Appreciation Sibling: Fair skinned, cute, petite Talent agency: Due to a conflict with another celebrity who had same name, comedian Lee Hyuk Jae. Eunhyuk began using his stage name ‘ Eunhyuk ‘. Eunhyuk is lead rapper and lead dancer in Super Junior. He often seen performing dance solos in Super Junior ‘s live performances and music videos.

Junsu successfully signed a contract with SM Entertainment but Eunhyuk failed in this audition. He joined SM Entertainment a year later after the same casting system, joining with Junsu in training courses and lessons which was under the same company. Kangta, Battle of the Century: Rock in which Moon Hee Joon and Kangta individually taught them techniques on different types of singing.

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Aug 23,  · Re-Blogged By: De De Tillman. Source: koreaboo. Media: koreaboo. Posted: Thursday August 16, @ am PST “I’ll let you know [who I’m dating] when I decide to get marr.

November 12, Star sign: Listening to music, InternetSpecialties: Dancing, Singing, ActingFavorite Color: Dara was born in Busan, South Korea on November 12nd, They have a 6 year age difference. In , when Dara was 10 years old, Dara’s family moved to the Philippines after her father’s business closed down due to financial difficulties and start a trading business in there. In Philippines she learned to speak English and Tagalog.

She also went to Center for Pop Music for music lessons. After migrating, Dara’s family still experiencing financial problems. She encouraged the shy Dara to audition for Star Circle Quest, the network’s attempt of reality-based talent search. Finally in order to help her family, Dara took courage to audition in the event. Dara is regarded as an expert in promotions and her bouncy personality has gained her an immense following in Korea and internationally. As the show progressed, Dara experienced a lot of harsh criticisms that won the heart of the audience.

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Shipping is done ALL the time! I think shipping is a pretty subjective thing. Spreading love is no crime, however spreading hatred is totally wrong.

Lee Hyukjae, or Eunhyuk on stage, is a member of the 15 member Korean boy band Superstars – Super Junior. He is known for being the group’s ‘Dancing Machine’ and is the partner of Lee Donghae, also known as EunHae (Eunhyuk and Donghae) OTP or One True Pair. Hosted ‘Sukira Kiss the Radio’ with his co-member Leeteuk until they were replaced by Sungmin and Ryeowook.

Fair-skinned, cute, petite Cyworld blog: Eunhyuk has the same birth name as comedian Lee Hyukjae. This is why he chose the name Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk pre-debut As a young boy, in 2nd grade, Hyukjae first became interested in dancing. Watching his older sister practicing for a school talent show, he got inspired to dance himself. Enjoying every minute of rehearsals and performing, he developed a love for dancing. He would watch videos and continue to practice in order to be a dancer of the highest caliber that he could reach.

In the year , Hyukjae auditioned for Starlight Casting System and became an SM Entertainment trainee soon after when he was advised to audition. He and Junsu were the only two who made it through that particular audition. Kangta Battle of the Century Pop vs. When DBSK debuted, Hyukjae, though still a trainee was absolutely thrilled for Junsu his best friend and was inspired to never give up. Shortly thereafter, on November 6, , he debuted as an official member of Super Junior 05 as the lead dancer and rapper.

Xiah was selected to sign a contract with the company soon after, but Eunhyuk failed the audition. He auditioned again the following year and was finally selected through showcasing his rapping and dancing abilities.

who is yoona boyfriend?

Leeteuk, which teacher are you thinking of now? There are many, I still keep in touch with them, and when I go back home, sometimes I will visit them. But there was a teacher that treated me quite badly, my impression of him is very strong.

Though Kyuhyun would probably be dating Sungmin if he was a girl Syd Lang. Life. Seungri Bigbang Meme Center G Dragon Vixx Cl Kpop Groups Bangs Kdrama. CL & S. Shadow Boxzer. 1Love. from Instagram. Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun awww, Hyukkie Cosmica. K-pop: funny. Kim Heechul Cho Kyuhyun Leeteuk Durga Super Junior Funny Captions Man.

You two were lounging around in the living room. It was one of the few nights you were able to see him due to his promotions. Your head was on his lap and he was combing his hand through your hair. How was work today? Just come relax with me and watch tv. You two were sitting at the island in your kitchen just talking about your day when you two fell into a comfortable silence. You had made some late night coffee for the both of you and you watched him as he took a few sips before putting it down.

Your eyes stayed on his face as he took each sip and you just smiled. Wanna take our coffee and go outside?

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Aqui vai mais um membro desse grupo lindo!!!!! Podem gritar a vontade! Esperamos que gostem do que pesquisamos sobre ele! Ele passou a ver o nascer do sol com seu pai e foi pego no filme. Esse clipe apareceu mais tarde em um programa de TV. Ele eu se inscreveu novamente um ano depois e foi aceito.

I think donghae would be okay with the age gap. i’m not so sure about the foreigner part though. it’s not that he wouldn’t but he would most likely date someone from korea mainly because it would be more simple for him. now, if the foreigner girl spoke korean that would change things. he would probably be okay with dating a korean.

Today, I was embarrassed by myself. The doctor laughed immediately, and I realized that I heard wrongly. He meant, Shaoyang constitution, not Western Constitution. I even did a search on it. This will differentiate people Leeteuk: I think you look like a shaoyang person also. Chest shoulders and chest, small face, and weak limbs. I took a hard time learning something today. You are going to find that often shaoyang people have a small, wiry body type.

They are very sinewy and always active. Their complexion has an olive tinge to it. They often have a bit of dark under their eyes from an underlying deficiency created by burning the candle at both ends. I realized that I am really old.

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Crying together, laugh together, understand each other, have a same mind, heart, and soul.. My mood easily goes down, but it also easily risen up just by listening to your song. I love the way you make me like an idiot just by staring at your single picture. Every night I pray to God, please safe my beloved 15 stars there. I love how you make me laugh even though I have no idea of what you are saying. When I see the tears flowing down from your eyes, slight pain drew in your face, I feel that my world is breaking into pieces.

Leeteuk: I think when Eunhyuk and I reach 50 years of age, others might say “Wow Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, both of you are already so old.”But between us, we will maintain the image that we had when we knew each other in Junior High, and when we meet we will definitely say “Why haven’t you changed at all!”.

For a scandal that was launched by the still-photo equivalent of a sex tape, the IU—Eunhyuk Twitter scandal has been progressing in a disappointingly benign direction. LOEN Entertainment released a statement shortly after the scandal claiming that the photo was taken when Eunhyuk visited IU while she was sick sometime last summer.

And the public hath spoken: Two unmarried children copulating?! The funny thing, though, is that the reaction on the Korean front has been fairly quiet. Part of the reason might be that Korean media and pop culture serves as a scope for are observations of Korean society at large. Many believed that because South Korean society places higher social expectations on women to be virginal and pure, IU will inevitably receive a lot more criticism from the Korean public simply because she is a woman.

Furthermore, her image as an idol directly plays into the sweet, innocent girlwoman concept, which makes the potential for the backlash resulting from a sex scandal to be that much greater.


That and a love of Leeteuk. I never told the whole story though…. Maybe one day, I will get the chance to tell you in person and do a full-out, 90 degree bow in front of you to show my sincere gratitude. All of that is true. But as luck would have it, before those sicknesses became worse and made my whole life pretty awful to be honest, I was facing a whole different set of problems.

You see, I was quite naive growing up.

Feb 13,  · (in case you don’t know, Jihyun’s part from ) Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Kangin dan Ryeowook came to support Donghae. They screamed so loud when Donghae was talking and embarrassed him.

Seoul, have 1 older sis. At last he choose Leeteuk, means special. Leeteuk was called Angel from Heaven because he was born in rainy day, they said angel descend from heaven on rainy day 4. Leeteuk never let a woman pay when they were dating. Leeteuk always sleeping before their performance Leeteuk got a heartbroken when a woman reject his love because she already has a BF. Leeteuk has a dimple that appeared in right side when he smile.

Leeteuk was chosen as the leader because he was the oldest in the group Leeteuk always become a place for all member to talk and sharing their thought.

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Pernah suatu waktu wawancara di Sukira, dua-duanya keluar dari ruang siaran. Eunhyuk masuk ke ruang persiapan, sedangkan Donghae keluar. Eunhyuk pun langsung keluar menyusul Donghae. Ini adalah artis korea yang tidak punya hal yang harus dilakukan ketika jam 10pm — 12pm.

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And what about Lee DongHae in this crisis? So let’s explain our point of view about what may have felt or lived DongHae during this scandal. But in this almost “perfect relationship” how could something like this happen? We think that the “real” EunHae, which went further than a simple friendship and a bit more complicated than a flirtationship, appeared during Bonamana, we will explain it to you in an other article I guess we can say that the physical changes for both of them did change some things, they went from teenagers to young men well body-builted 8D.

So our theory is that since or around this time EunHyuk and DongHae have been involved in a real relationship including love. But how did such a crisis happen to them? As you all know DongHae is jealous only when it comes to EunHyuk , and his feelings are then hard to hide compared to Hyuk’s That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any for DongHae, but he’s shy, and embarrassed in public!

Despite that, a big jealousy moment was seen in february during the promotion of Perfection in China. As you can see on the video of Perfection music video’s making off, you can feel that there’s something going on here, they look very tensed and we can see that it’s only the two of them. No stare, no smile, no contact!

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