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Equipped with two 3. Approximately 20, American service members, contractors and their families live or work here alongside 3, Japanese employees. More than 16, Okinawans own the land upon which the installation sits. Documents obtained under the U. Freedom of Information Act reveal how years of accidents and neglect have polluted local land and water with hazardous chemicals including arsenic, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs , asbestos and dioxin. Military authorities have often hidden this contamination, putting at risk the health of U. Nor does it hold the military responsible for cleaning up land returned to civilian usage.

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Kokushikan University RG Team is one of Japan’s oldest MRG teams dating to the s, as well as one of the top teams in Japan, with 13 individual gymnasts, 17 team gymnasts, and 7 in supporting roles. % of the team was recruited directly by Kokushikan University RG Coach Mr. Kotaro Yamada on scouting trips across Japan.

He goes on trial next month in a proceeding that could last as long as a year. He has already been through Japan’s standard detention period days in his case but sometimes as long as during which a suspect is questioned without the presence of a lawyer. Denied bail, Woodland can comfort himself with English-language books, a Bible and American-style meals but no cigarettes, TV or air conditioning in heat that often tops [degrees]F. He isn’t allowed to speak or write to friends and family.

Army base in Hampton Roads, Va. He may be there for a long time. The African American is charged with raping a young Japanese woman in the early-morning hours of June 29 and, if found guilty, could spend up to 15 years in a Japanese prison. To the rest of the world, the central question of the trial may be simple: Did Woodland rape the woman, or didn’t he? But in Okinawa, the already murky case has been churned into a raging whirl by nationalist politics, screaming media, a half-century of dammed-up local grief and–roiling beneath it all–an undercurrent of racism.

Okinawa hates America, and Okinawa loves America.

Contamination at Largest US Air Force Base in Asia: Kadena, Okinawa

Yonaguni-jima is one of the Yaeyama Islands and the westernmost inhabited island of Japan. It is the last of the islands in the Ryukyu Islands chain, and lies kilometers 67 mi from the east coast of Taiwan, between the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. All islands are under jurisdiction of the town of Yonaguni, Yaeyama Gun, Okinawa and there are three towns: Sonai, Kubura and Higawa.

Okinawa, Japan. Reservations: 08 33 Front Desk: Hotel Website. There are Okinawa hotels along the scenic west coast, Island designers still make silver hairpins, known as jiifaa, and other traditional accessories dating back to Okinawa’s time as the main royal island of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

The southern half of the old town, especially the Sannomachi Street, survives in a particularly pretty state with many old homes, shops, coffee houses and sake breweries , some of which have been in business for centuries. The shops in the area are typically open daily from 9: Rickshaw ride Streets of the old town Several homes in the old town open their doors to the public. They provide a glimpse behind the facade into the former living quarters of the local merchants and exhibit traditional household goods and local arts and crafts.

A pleasant alternative to exploring Takayama ‘s old town on foot is getting pulled through the streets on a rickshaw. A 30 minute tour for two costs around yen. Shorter and longer courses are also available. Southern Area Please see the Takayama Jinya page for admission details. A beautiful traditional Japanese style building, the Takayama Jinya used to serve as Takayama’s government office during the Edo Period , when the city stood under direct control of the shogun due to its valuable timber resources.

Old Sake Breweries Hours: Several old sake breweries can be found in Takayama’s old town, recognized by sugidama balls made of cedar branches hung over their entrances. Small samples of sake can be purchased at some breweries. Fujii Art Gallery Closed: December 31, January 1 and irregular closures in winter Admission:

World’s oldest fish hooks: What they tell us about Paleolithic Japan

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DC: Navy Dating okinawa armed forces pacific Neuropsychiatric Unit, was an almost unlimited war of incredible mass destruction. Chen Jieru claimed that Mme Kong Xiangxi; bhutan and Mongolia.

The islands making up Okinawa Prefecture, are also known as the Ryukyu Islands, named after the native culture, which is distinctly different from that of the rest of Japan in terms of language, cuisine, arts, etc. A city district of Naha today, Shuri is the name of the former capital of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Shuri Castle was originally built in the late s, and played an integral role in the political unification of the island.

Wars and fires destroyed the castle multiple times over the centuries, most recently in the Battle of Okinawa in The current buildings are beautiful reconstructions dating from The aquarium was completely redesigned and reopened in The highlight of a visit to the Churaumi Aquarium is the massive Kuroshio Tank, one of the largest in the world. The tank contains a wide variety of species, the most striking of which are the giant whale sharks and manta rays.

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This place has a mountain-lodge feel and a great vibe. Book Your Japan Hostel Here! A cozy capsule in Tokyo! Fuji upon my return! For me, Japan has always been the land of the Samurai. The wonderful thing about Japan is the painless mix of traditional feudal scenes with that of a buzzing, technological beast of a country.

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The most famous of the area’s marine produce is pearls, notably Mikimoto in Toba City. Ise-Shima’s popularly is reinforced by its mild climate and its location, only about two hours by train from both Nagoya and Osaka. Note that the shima in Ise-Shima does not mean “island. Ise Shrine actually consists of two shrines:

An off-limits area is defined as any business, building, place, structure, vehicle, conveyance, or area which SOFA personnel are prohibited to patronize, enter, visit, use or ride.

He enjoys interacting with different cultures and stirring up interesting conversations. Teaching English abroad continues to remain a viable option for native English speakers who want to see the world and get paid to do so. With an ever changing global economy, there are plenty countries where one can teach. A quick google search will reveal several programs that offer certificates in any three of these.

Be wary of strictly online certification courses. There are heaps of ESL English as a second language job boards with job listings throughout the world, which will specify the exact requirements. While it may not be absolutely necessary to have a certificate in some countries, it may be useful to get one anyway if you have zero teaching experience. People often ask me where the best places are to teach English. Based on my several years of teaching experience and traveling, I made a list of the best 15 places to teach.

Although my choices are subjective, I have used four qualitative measures to come up with this list: I am sure a lot of Americans would love to teach in places, such as France but it is quite difficult to find a job teaching ESL in Western Europe. Japan This is probably a biased pick on my part since I lived in Japan for four years.

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