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Friedensreich Hundertwasser Austrian born visionary painter and spiritual ecologist Friedensreich Hundertwasser Friedrich Stowasser; born consistently worked with spiral motifs, primitive forms, spectral colors, and repetitive patterns. Although influenced by other Viennese artists, Hundertwasser was never formally affiliated with any “ism. His father died in Hundertwasser was baptized in and supposedly joined the Hitler Youth Corps in In 69 of his maternal relatives were deported and killed in Nazi concentration camps. During the war and the Russian occupation Hundertwasser lived in a Viennese cellar with his mother. Decades after the Hitler period he could be seen carrying a satchel containing a passport, foreign currencies, and a portable painting set, among other essentials. Hundertwasser married in , while in Gibraltar, and was subsequently divorced in

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It is usually considered to include the 15th and 16th centuries, though historians date it differently with some including parts of the 14th and 17th centuries while others beginning it in the middle of the 15th or ending it in the middle of the 16th. The Renaissance was marked by renewed interest in the culture of the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans.

It started in Italy and spread across Europe, bringing a period of much cultural achievements in the continent. Know more about the art, literature, philosophy, science and events of the Renaissance through these 10 interesting facts. The Renaissance period is best known for renewed interest in the culture of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, leading to an intellectual and artistic re-birth of classical antiquity.

It was only in the 19th century that the word Renaissance achieved popularity to describe this cultural movement based on Greco-Roman models.

History >> Renaissance for Kids During the Renaissance architects began to look back to the Romans and Greeks for inspiration when designing buildings. Much of Renaissance architecture style was taken from Ancient Rome and Greece and then altered to fit their current lifestyle.

Finding a professional in the area of UI design who is also familiar with best practices, however, is still an uphill battle. Knowing the best practices to follow on every interface design project will put you far ahead of most candidates who simply fire off designs without taking into consideration the variety of details that go into the creation of an interface. In order to create a great interface, UI designers need to rely on information from the user experience angle, such as identifying which problems need to be solved, how the user flow will play out, and determining key product areas and hierarchies.

Ideally, serious work on the interface will begin after gaining access to all of this information, then mockups will be made, tested and approved by UX designers and a product will be launched without too many hiccups. Are they using similar layouts or colors? Do they adhere to similar styles or seem to cater visually to the same demographics? Actionable feedback from your desired target audience is incredibly valuable, so get it and use it!

MailChimp provides a good example of a simple, clean interface.

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Because the architecture was well thought-out and deliberate, the home had been well cared for over the years and we got a very good idea of the original materials and finishes. Every time we turned a corner or looked in a different room, there were a handful of design ideas that stood out; ideas that, unfortunately, have been lost over the years. The more mid-century modern homes we see and work on, the more surprised we are that so many good design ideas have been disregarded or forgotten over the last 60 years.

It keeps the proportions of the home to a more natural scale and creates a more comfortable setting. Roof planes tend to be simple shed roofs which offer plenty of daylight and view at the high side; the low profile on the opposite side maintains the privacy and low horizontal proportions. Good design creates a progression between privacy and transparency.

Belgian architect Victor Horta was a leader of the 19th-century Art Nouveau movement – today four of his town houses in Belgium are designated UNESCO world heritage sites; one is a now museum and the others were hotels. He was also involved in the development of the Art Deco movement.

There are no windows inside but the large oculus! The Pantheon now contains the tombs of the famous artist Raphael and of several Italian Kings and poets. The marble floor, which features a design consisting of a series of geometric patterns, is still the ancient Roman original. The history of Pantheon was forever changed during the reign of Pope Urban VIII, who melted down every scrap of bronze located upon the ceiling, outraging a great deal of Roman citizens.

They are 39 feet These columns were dragged more than km from the quarry to the Nile river on wooden sledges. They were floated by barge down the Nile River when the water level was high during the spring floods, and then transferred to vessels to cross the Mediterranean Sea to the Roman port of Ostia.

There, they were transferred back onto barges and pulled up the Tiber River to Rome. It is the only remain from the original temple built by Agrippa and it is believed that Hadrian left it as a gesture to his predecessor when he rebuilt the pantheon. The Romans celebrated April 21 as the founding date of the city, and the impressive sight of their Emperor standing at the entrance of the Pantheon surrounded by light coming from inside the pantheon might have been seen as something that, in effect, raised their emperor to the level of the gods and invited him in to join them.

Today it is a church dedicated to St. Mary of the Martyrs.

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Thus is the colour of life. When you make a press release that would appear a bit of flaky, the probabilities are it might annoy them. How do you assume they create such lovely masterful creations!? Simply stick a dictionary subsequent to your rest room:

3. Luxury is the exception to the rule. Yes, German work days are routine, unexceptional, and closed on Sundays. Yes, the career you build is specifically determined by the degree you earned.

Interesting facts about the Acropolis of Athens 3 years ago Prev Article Next Article The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on a high rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance. The Acropolis is located on a flat-topped rock that rises m ft above sea level in the city of Athens, with a surface area of about 3 hectares 7.

In the mid-5th century B. The Parthenon is dedicated to the goddess Athena, goddess of wisdom, courage and warfare. The grandiose temple was roughly completed in BC. While the Parthenon was the most impressive temple on the Acropolis, the Erechtheion was built to accommodate the religious rituals that the old temple housed. It derived its name from a shrine dedicated to the legendary Greek hero Erichthonius. The temple as seen today was built between and BC.

The Propylaea serves as a majestic gateway to the Acropolis. It was designed by Mnesikles, replacing an earlier entrance, and was built mainly of Pentelic marble. The Temple of Athena Nike is the smallest structure on the Athenian Acropolis, but holds no less importance than its neighboring shrines. Built to honor Athena Nike, the goddess of victory;Built around BC, the temple is the earliest fully Ionic temple on the Acropolis.

Artifacts have been discovered dating back to the Neolithic Era, providing evidence of the first inhabitants of the Acropolis of Athens location. The Athena Polias was destroyed in BC but another, larger, religious monument was built in its place known as the Older Parthenon.

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Notre Dame is meters feet long, 48 meters feet wide, 35 meters feet high. The rose windows have a diameter of 10 meters 32 feet. The cathedrals pillars have a diameter of 5 meters 16 feet. The cathedral was built between and

10 Ways You Should Never Describe Yourself When other people use these words to describe your talents, it’s OK. When you do it, you just sound like a pompous jerk.

Free things to do 1. Seek out more than 50 vibrant species of exotic butterflies as they fly freely among the Tropical Zone of the cathedral-like Glasshouse. There will also be lush plantings such as palm trees, bananas, bromeliads and climbers, as well as the aquatic plants that thrive in the warm jungle pool. To book tickets in advance visit rhs. Tickets are also available on the door.

Ticket included with normal entry to the gardens.

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Read on for some very fascinating facts. It is metres tall including antennas and weighs 10, tonnes. It was the tallest structure in France until the construction of a military transmitter in the town of Saissac in The Millau Viaduct, completed in , is also taller, at metres. It is possible to climb to the top, but there are 1, steps. Most people take the lift.

Tree-ring dating of the Mansion has proven that a house built by Augustine in forms the nucleus of the current house. Augustine Washington Dies, Leaving the Plantation to Lawrence Washington. The piazza is one of George Washington’s contributions to colonial Virginian architecture.

You meet someone new. That’s a beautiful building Maybe he’s a potential client, maybe not Do you–whether on your website, or more likely on social media accounts–describe yourself differently than you do in person? Do you write things about yourself you would never have the nerve to actually say? If so, it’s time for a change. Here are some words that are great when used by other people to describe you, but you should never use to describe yourself: Then substitute the word “motivated.

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Personality[ edit ] Ted’s character is based largely on the show’s creator, Carter Bays, with the friendship between him and fellow creator Craig Thomas being the base for the friendship between Ted and Marshall. His personality is also partially based on Ross Geller from the NBC sitcom Friends , including Ted’s original profession as an archaeologist being similar to Ross’ profession as a paleontologist.

His profession was later changed to be an architect, due to the writers having difficulties fitting his profession as an archaeologist in a New York setting. Ted is prone to questionable romantic gestures; in the pilot episode, for example, he steals a blue French horn nicknamed “The Smurf Penis” that was a topic of conversation in his first date with Robin, and then scares Robin off by telling her he is in love with her.

So let’s try to make things a little clearer – and maybe dispel some myths along the way. Here are 10 honest truths about work, life and leisure in the creative industry. 1.

Xero, a cloud accounting software tool, has proven many of us wrong. It provides a community for its users and experts to ask advice, share experiences and learn from others. The drive to do things cause they matter. So how do we apply this to online communities? Well, here are some tips: Create and implement a well-defined gamification strategy. Focus on intrinsic drivers. People will keep coming back if they believe you really care about their opinion.

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