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Roman roads in Britannia

Grateful if anyone can answer ANY the following questions please: For example was in when the Scarborough operations were sold onto East Yorkshire. However what other coaches were allocated to this contract, please? I would be grateful for any responses, thanks in anticipation. To the best of my knowledge, these coaches operated the RCA services for several years.

Below are memories of Tidworth Military Hospital. If you would like to send your recollections for other readers to enjoy then please contact me. My stay was in the family ward, and the adult ladies who were patients got a bottle of stout every night provided their health permitted.

Durham Constabulary It has since been destroyed. A Durham Constabulary spokesman said: A bomb disposal squad has been called and a large area of the city centre has been cordoned off, with road closures and buildings evacuated. News of the incident broke shortly before 4pm on Monday afternoon, when Durham Constabulary announced that they were dealing with an incident at the police station on New Elvet Road.

A bomb disposal squad was scrambled after explosives were handed in to a city centre police station in Durham. A spokesman for Durham Constabulary said: Officers cordoned off the road from the Half Moon pub to the Hallgarth Street junction traffic lights and are warning people to avoid the area. A police spokesman added: University students in lectures reported being evacuated, as well as people in the shops and businesses along the street, before being allowed back in at approximately 5pm.

Everton F.C. supporters

Demographics[ edit ] Everton have a large fanbase by virtue of being an original founder member of The Football League and contesting more seasons in the top flight than any other club. For the first nine seasons in the football league Everton had the highest average league attendances of any team in England. This is despite having the most obstructed views and poor sight lines in the Premier League. The following season the club was once again the best supported side in England.

Although no conclusive studies have been undertaken, supporters are more prominent in areas such as Aintree , Anfield , Bootle , Croxteth , Everton , Kirkdale , Vauxhall and Walton with the northern parts of Liverpool seen as Everton dominated.

Recruit Test Week. P Company delivers Test Week to Parachute Regiment recruits in Week 21 of the Combined Infantryman’s Course (Para) Syllabus. The Test Week undertaken by recruits is identical to the one undertaken in Phase 3 of the AAPPS.

Ben Glaze Deputy political editor Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email An Army training course had 82 of its 96 places left unfilled as a recruitment crisis grips the military. And not a single course for new recruits across all bases has been filled to capacity in the last two years. The revelations expose the scale of the meltdown that has stripped the Army back to its lowest level since before the Napoleonic wars years ago.

It comes after Ministers controversially hived off Army recruitment to private firm Capita to cut costs. Our military is now smaller than at the time of the Battle of Waterloo more than years ago Image:

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Looking at a page of the national census for England and Wales listing families living in the 20th Hussars’ cavalry barracks in Aldershot, for example, reveals that the daughters of one family, respectively aged three and two, were born in Cairo, Egypt, and Norwich, England, places to which their sergeant father had been deployed, accompanied by their ‘on-the-strength’ mother. The birthplaces of army children born between the wars, if not in India and other sunny stations, are likely to be those camps and garrisons where the British Army retained permanent bases and still do , such as Catterick, Aldershot, Colchester, Tidworth and Bulford.

If the civilian aspects of life outside barracks, camps and garrisons such as the climate, the language or dialect spoken and the currency used can change with bewildering frequency often within a matter of months, but more usually within the space of a year or two the touchstones of army children’s immediate environment ‘within the wire’ typically remain reassuringly constant.

Progress report. On Thursday 29 March we opened the final section of new motorway on the A1 between junction 52 Catterick and Catterick North overbridge.

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Improvements and major road projects

Almost every aspect of the clubs existing facilities have benefitted from the major investment including the swimming pool area with a new build extension to house a new Vitality pool and an upgrade of the sauna, steam room and both ladies and gents changing and shower rooms. See further details under the recent projects section of the website. The funds will be able to pay for an entire kit for a member of the Lifeboats Team based in the North Yorkshire seaside resort.

The two-storey timber-framed building was constructed and fully fitted out by the Medlock team in a timescale of 23 weeks. The Medlock team completed this highly-visual fit-out on time for the celebrity launch night on Dec 6th. Medlock were responsible for the delivery of bespoke joinery to the reception and communal areas throughout.

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Once we have demolished the old bridge south of Catterick Village, we will be providing a link between Leeming Lane and the new Tunstall Bridge. This link will use a short section of the local access road and will provide direct access. Please contact our site team via email a1leemingtobarton highwaysengland. Diversions for strategic through traffic will be in place via the A , A19 and A to Sedgefield.

We do have a weekly traffic management e-mail which will keep you informed of any planned closures which do arise, if you would like to receive this please send an e-mail to a1leemingtobarton highwaysengland. One of our current focal points on the scheme is the creation of a local access road that provides routes suitable for non-motorway traffic. It is only when our works on the local access road are complete that we will be able to apply motorway restrictions on this section of the A1.

Our dates for implementing these restrictions are subject to progress. If you require any further information regarding our scheme progress, please contact us on a1leemingtobarton highwaysengland. We have no planned closures at that time so you will be able to get onto the A1M Southbound travelling from the A The works are progressing towards completion and one of the pivotal jobs at this time is the creation of a local access road that will provides routes suitable for the non-motorway traffic.

There are also additional works such as the installation and testing of communication systems and overhead gantries before the road can be opened as a motorway.

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Blog Flags at half mast! The Post Office clock chimes 11am, and everywhere comes to a standstill to ‘remember’ on Remembrance Day, Sydney, Australia, November Some made the ultimate sacrifice, and for them, time stopped not just for 2 minutes but forever. Remembering Heroes in Time: I am the witness of every action, the chronicler of every second that the war ticks on… I am, in this way, the indispensable, the always-to-be-reckoned-with.

RAF Burtonwood takes a look at some of the history of this important air base in northwest Warrington, as well as touching upon RAF Padgate, RNS Blackcap in Stretton and the South Lancashire Regiment.

Yet during the eighteenth century, the only schooling that the sons and daughters of non-commissioned officers would have received was in cursing and fending for themselves and, if they were girls, making themselves useful by washing and sewing for their father’s soldier comrades. Although regimental schools were increasingly being established, with senior non-commissioned officers initially doing the teaching, these were originally intended to teach illiterate recruits how to read, write and calculate.

But then because many of those illiterate recruits were army children, the realisation dawned that the regimental schools might as well start teaching these soldiers-in-the-making, and their future wives for many army daughters later ‘married into’ the regiment while they were still young. And occupying army children with schoolwork and needlework also had the advantage of keeping them out of trouble! By the nineteenth century, regimental schools catering for army children and teaching a wide range of subjects practical, as well as academic were relatively commonplace, and in this respect, the army was ahead of its time.

The regimental schools were replaced by garrison schools in , and administrative changes have continued to be made in response to changing times, with the British Families Education Service BFES being set up to educate army children in Germany in the aftermath of World War II, for instance.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A man has denied a charge of causing the death of a young army reservist by dangerous driving. He denied causing death of Matthew Bennett by driving dangerously on the A at Caersws on October 8 last year. Read More Vicious Rhyl thug stamped on schoolgirl’s head in brutal robbery A second man, Joshua Taylor, 27, of Ty Gwyn Road in Caersws, pleaded not guilty to a charge of intending to pervert the course of justice by allegedly making a false statement about the crash to the police.

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Overview[ edit ] Prior to the Roman conquest of Britain , pre-Roman Britons mostly used unpaved trackways for travel. These routes, many of which had prehistoric origins , followed elevated ridge lines across hills, e. Although most routes were unpaved tracks, some British tribes had begun engineering roads during the first century BC. Engineers from the Roman Army – in most cases – surveyed and built them from scratch.

Key locations, both strategic and administrative, were connected by the most direct routes possible. Main roads were gravel or paved , had bridges constructed in stone or wood, and manned waypoints where travellers or military units could stop and rest. The roads’ impermeable design permitted travel in all seasons and weather.

Following the withdrawal of the Roman Legions in AD, the road system soon fell into disrepair. Parts of the network were retained by the Anglo-Saxons , eventually becoming integral routes in Anglo-Saxon Britain ; however large sections were abandoned and lost. Historical development[ edit ] Roman lighthouse at Dover Castle. Dubris was the starting point of Watling Street to London and Wroxeter The earliest roads, built in the first phase of Roman occupation the Julio-Claudian period 43—68 AD , connected London with the ports used in the invasion Chichester and Richborough , and with the earlier legionary bases at Colchester, Lincoln Lindum , Wroxeter Viroconium , Gloucester and Exeter.

The Fosse Way, from Exeter to Lincoln, was also built at this time to connect these bases with each other, marking the effective boundary of the early Roman province. During the Flavian period 69—96 AD , the roads to Lincoln, Wroxeter and Gloucester were extended by 80 to the new and definitive legionary bases at York, Chester and Caerleon respectively.

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